Weekly Newsletter

Welcome Back!

Welcome back Dear Families, I am so excited to be jumping into this new year. I look forward to working with you and your child in this new semester. We have so much planned and so much to accomplish! I can't wait to get started.
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Welcoming our new students

Ms. Jasury and I are so excited to welcome 4 new faces to our classroom. They are a great addition to our already amazing group!

Let's give them a warm welcome!

Our First Week Back!

This first short week has been great! We are currently re adapting to our routines and classroom expectations.

As we all get settled back on school, we are decided to explore Centers, get to know one another, and engage in enriching conversations.

We started by reading "The Kissing Hand", again, and it was amazing! The book is about a raccoon's first day of school, so it is a perfect way to begin. We also viewed a special Read Aloud from the author.

The following poem is great if you want to use it with your child.

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Exploring Centers

This week children were able to play in Centers during Small Groups and Free Choice Time. After they all explores the centers in groups made by me, they went on to deciding where and who they wanted to play with.

Two of the most important life skills that children need to learn are how to make choices and plan their time. Free-choice time allows them to practice these skills every day.

Here's a sneak peek at our class!

Show and Tell

This semester we will have Show and Tell on Fridays. This is something new and exciting, and also, optional. It is a chance for our kids to take a center stage in front of other kids. This helps a child to learn and experience public speaking - a skill a child will use throughout his life.

This first week, some of you sent pictures of your Holiday Break. Each child sat down on a special chair in the middle of our carpet and shared their stories and experiences. It was great!

I will letting you know about ideas or themes in following newsletters.

For next week, we will keep on doing the Holiday Break theme.

Coming Soon!

On February 1st we will begin our unit about Buildings. Young children are very curious about buildings. In our classroom, the Blocks Center is one of their favorites. So prepare yourself, we have some Fun Under Construction!
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Healthy Choices

We follow a healthy food policy & will not permit “junk food”

from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the day for SAFE junk food- i.e. Still no fizzy drinks or peanuts but potato chips are allowed!

Spare Clothes

Children should have a set of spare clothes in school at all times. This should include underwear, shorts and t-shirt and, if possible, some footwear, in case their shoes get wet.

Change of Arrangements

If home time arrangements change for your child e.g. someone else collects

them or they are not to use the bus as usual you MUST inform us via email or by contacting the main office if it is an emergency. If a different person is coming you must record their name and ID number (cedula) for us to check. If you do not do this we cannot release your child!

Full Day Program Starts on Monday

Returning students begin the Full Day Program on Monday, January 18. Please remember to bring:

  • small pillow
  • blanket
  • lunch