Poetry Book

By: Michael Lewis

Ciquain Poem


Hard, round

Fly, roll, bounce

Hits the ground hard



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Color Poem

Blue is my mom's car

Blue I the fighting Titans

Blue smells like the salt in the ocean

Blue tastes like my mother's blueberry pie

Blue sounds like the blue whale doing its mating call

Blue looks like my favorite baseball team the royals

Blue feels like the water hitting me as I dive in the ocean

Blue makes me feel happy

Blue is my favorite royals hat


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Acrostic Poem

Mathematically intelligent

Ice cream is my favorite

Cupcake is my cats name

Has an XBOX

Awesome at baseball

Excellent at social studies

Loves sports


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Ode to baseball

Baseball you have been my saving grace in life.

You have been there when I was young and you are still here.

I watched on tv and play you too.

How I adore your red and white laces.

Your bases are so much fun to run around on.

You have so many different pitches that I still can't throw.

I have played you through all of these year.

You have been passed down through my family for all of these years.

When I play you I feel free and cheerful, because I can play with my team and you allow me to be free.


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There once was a man named Phil.

He has a really big bill.

Then he went to the courthouse to pay.

And waited a day.

And finally got to pay his big bill.


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I am a tree.

Dancing in the hard wind.

My roots hug the ground hard.

My lems scratch the sides of house.

All of my leaves cover the ground like a blanket.

I give the gift of oxygen.

I am a tree


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A wild sunflower.

It can brighten a sad day.

And it smells so good.


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My skin is as white as snow.

My eyes like the blue sky.

My lips like a red rose.

My energy runs like a wild cheetah.

My courage like a great white shark.

My poem is a crazy bull.

I am the wild berry bushes in summer.

I am the Universe.


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I'm stronger than a gorilla.

I eat cars for a light lunch.

Every time I come inside I,rip the door off of the house.

My parents say when I was two I threw a boat across the Atlantic Ocean.

When I go to the gym I just lift the gym.

For a real boxing match I fight two Gorillas and when in two minutes.

I use whales for punching bags.

I'm stronger than a gorilla.


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