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News from Mrs. LaCrosse's 2nd Grade Classroom!

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Hello, Families!

Aimsweb, F&P, and STARtests, OH MY!! ;)

This week has been FILLED with assessments! It has been a pleasure for me to see the results of these benchmark tests that document their learning.

On Wednesday, our STP brought us an AMAZING S.T.E.M. assembly. If your child did not tell you about this, please ask them for details! It was an hour of hands-on FUN!!!

Can you believe second quarter ends next week (Friday, 1/23)? Students will be completing the writing assessment (informational writing) and math fact fluency to finish the quarter. I am excited to see their growth.

Students learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today, and they now know why we have Monday off in his honor. They know it is because of this great man that we can learn and play together the way we do. :)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend!

Please ask your child:


  • What fable did you read? Who were the characters? What was the problem? What was the moral?
  • Tell me about your I-PICK books. What I-PICK books did you choose from the library on Monday?
  • Did you take any AR quizzes this week? How did you do?


  • Tell me what you're writing this week. What are the important components of informational writing?
  • Did you think about what you will write for your writing "show-what-you-know" next week?


  • You now know how to do addition with problems like 27 +14. Show me how you carry!
  • You now know how to do subtraction with problems like 34 - 26. Show me how you borrow!

Please continue to encourage your child's use of IXL at home to support the learning at school!

The Week Ahead...

NO SCHOOL Friday--teacher institute day!