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Counseling Corner: April Edition

Wellness Corner

We have finalized our workshops for this academic year and would love your input on the topics you would like to learn more about next school year. Please take a moment to complete this short survey and give us your feedback. Our goal is to continue to offer Parent Ed Wellness Workshops and Student Lunch & Learn workshops. Thank you for your participation. Survey

e-Parent Ed: Managing Problem Behavior at Home- A guide to more confident, consistent and effective parenting. ABC’s of behavior management at home effective consequences.

Stanford's Challenge Success

BREAKING POINTS, directed by Tucker Capps, is a 30-minute documentary intended for adults that explores the stress and pressures our teens face every day, as well as the unhealthy ways that many of them cope, including abusing prescription stimulants.

Watch the documentary below then explore Tips for Promoting Teen Well-Being and Healthy Stress Management that Challenge Success created in support of this film.

Internship and Career Fair

The Career Center will be hosting an Internship & Career Fair on April 29th from 1:00pm- 1:45pm around the clock tower. Students will have the opportunity to speak to representatives of companies such as Care Ambulance, In n Out, OC Fair and Event Center, Plumbing Association, Cinema Makeup School and many more!

AP Exams

AP Exams will begin May 6th. Please see the schedule below for specific exam dates and times.

Senior Scene

April is upon us and it’s time to make your final decision for college. Most colleges, with some exceptions, should have contacted you by now with an decision. If you have been accepted to multiple schools, weigh all of your options before making a final choice. If you need more advice, speak with your parents, counselors, and teachers. If possible, visit these campuses again if you are undecided. Now that you have been accepted, your perspective will be vastly different and you can ask much more detailed questions.

Once you make your final decision, notify the other schools that accepted you that you will not be attending that college. They will have plenty of waitlist applicants anxiously awaiting for seats to open up.

Appeals: if you were rejected from a school, you may be able to appeal the decision. This is an extremely rare occurrence and only applies to certain circumstances. If you feel that you might have a chance to appeal, research that school’s admissions policies to see if there is anything more you can do to strengthen your application.

Typically, colleges will have a deposit deadline of May 1st. You might have already signed your intent to enroll, but now it’s time to financially commit.

After you graduate, you must send your final transcripts to your college of acceptance. You will need to create an account at so that they can send out your transcript for you. Here is the website for transcripts: Sending in your final transcript will be your responsibility as your counselor does not do that for you.

Good luck!


BRIDGES TO THE BACCALAUREATE COHORT is to advance the careers of underrepresented community college students interested in transferring to four-year universities and pursuing a biomedical research career. This program is offered by Orange Coast College in collaboration with the Minorities Science Programs (MSP) at UC Irvine and is now accepting applications. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Junior Junction

CAASPP Testing - The purpose of the CAASPP Test is to find out if California students are on track for college according to the Common Core learning standards. These assessments (for English & Math) also serve as an indicator of readiness for college-level coursework that is used by the California State University and participating California Community Colleges to determine Early Assessment Program (EAP) status. Students should use this opportunity to demonstrate their college readiness.

College Testing - Decide if you will take the SAT or ACT and what test and type of preparation is right for you.

BCAP - The counselors have collaborated with the English 3 teachers to present the Beckman College and Career Packet assignment. Counselors will be presenting in your English 3 and 3H classes regarding the BCAP at the end of April. The Beckman College Career Application packet includes completing a student questionnaire, parent questionnaire, resume, colleges essay and or personal insight questions, and your Colleges I’m Thinking About List in Naviance. The purpose of the BCAP assignment is to assist students in the process of researching colleges and careers and preparing for the college application process and/or post high school plans. Counselors will also be going over important deadlines regarding students requesting documents from counselors to be sent to their colleges.

Sophomore Stop

As the school year quickly approaches the summer break it is a great time for sophomores to think about their plans and how they can make the most out of their summer experience. There are many ways students can enrich themselves in the summer and these include getting a job, volunteering, or attending a summer camp based on their career aspirations. Check out the counseling Haiku page for ideas! Colleges do not value one activity over another, rather they want to see how students have grown from their experiences. It is advisable to keep notes during the summer activity as this can assist in college applications and letters of recommendation. Try to reflect on what you have learned about yourself, what you learned about others, and how you grew from your experiences. Most of all, laugh as much as possible!

Freshman Forum

If you did not have a chance to visit a college or two during spring break, then start to put together a list of colleges you would like to visit this summer. Go back and review your college list and careers of interest in your Naviance account. Volunteering and outside educational programs can help give you a better idea about what kind of career or college major/area of study is right for you.

This month focus on showing gratitude. Gratitude is about focusing on what's good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. (

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