Optics Devices Project


What is it

The periscope is a optic device that uses two mirrors at a 45 degree angle which allows light to bounce of the mirrors the same way it is use to see the object that you are looking at with your eyes.There are two ends to the periscope one that you place your eyes at like a binoculars and the end that looks like a top of a telescope.

What is it used for

The periscope is used for submarines, parade float's as a way to see around it and not to crash the periscope is just used as a eye to see it surrounding when there are now way to see.

pictures of periscopes/facts


WW 1

the periscope was used in WW1 in the trenches as a way of seeing the enemy it was also use with gun turret and armored vehicles so that they would not be shot at.