Random Acts of Kindness Week 2016

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Weekly Events

M 2/15 No School – President’s Day

6:00PM – JV Baseball @ JWMHS

T 2/16

7:40AM – Leadership, room 206

3:00PM – Girls Tennis @ HHS

3:00PM – Boys Tennis vs. HHS

6:00PM – Softball vs. GHS

6:00PM – Varsity BB vs. Central HS

W 2/17 National Kindness Day - Wear Purple & Jeans!!!


7:40AM – iPad/Technology PLC, room 110

3:00PM – Boys Weightlifting @ HHS

3:00PM – Track @ Eastlake Invitational

6:00PM – JV Baseball @ FHS

TH 2/18

7:40AM – SAC meeting, room 206

11:00AM – Chasco Middle School Program & Academy Fair, CHMS

3:00PM – Girls Tennis @ PHS

3:00PM – Boys Tennis vs. PHS

6:00PM – Softball vs. WWHS

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball vs. ZHS

F 2/19


7:40AM – Schoolwide Work Groups; Safety – 204, Learning – 206, Pride – 106

6:00PM – Football Banquet, cafeteria

6:00PM – Softball vs. Nature Coast HS

7:00PM – Varsity Baseball vs. LOLHS

S 2/20

9:00AM – Saturday School, EBD 1

RHS Tennis Fundraiser Car Wash @ AutoZone

AVID Weekly - AVID Binder & Organization

Organization is one of the keys of success. The AVID binder is an organizational tool to help students maintain notes and school work in one place. Students are expected to maintain at least a 2 inch binder (or larger) organized in "The AVID Way."

What is the purpose of the AVID binder?

Organization is an important skill in school, career and other aspects of daily life. The AVID binder is an organizational tool to help students maintain notes and school work in one place. Students are expected to maintain a binder, which has been provided to them along with all of the necessary items needed. They are expected to keep it organized using the AVID methods they have been taught.

What should be in the AVID Binder?

Binders must be good quality 2-3-inch three-ring binder with pocket inserts.

Required Binder Contents

· Pencil Pouch (may be stored in front pocket of book bag)

o Pens, pencils, highlighter, eraser, post it notes

· Student Planner (may be placed in front pocket of binder)

· Notebook/Cornell Note paper

· AVID Folder

· Learning Logs

· Tutorial Request Forms

· Five tab subject dividers to separate each academic class

o Cornell Notes

o Handouts

o Assessments

o Returned Work

Suggested Binder Contents

· Notebook dictionary and/or thesaurus

· Calculator

· Six-inch ruler

· Tips on note-taking and test-taking skills, tutorial guidelines or other AVID strategy sheets

Facilitation Grids to Improve Math

Rams of the Month - Please nominate as there are so many deserving Rams!

Please nominate the February Rams of the Month by 2/26.

Students of the Month


Teachers of the Month


SRP of the Month


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Kudos Learning, Safety, and Pride

Randi Morrell for Safety & Pride by Ms. Murphy & Ms. Doohen for riding the bus home with a student on Friday afternoon. She saw a need and volunteered without hesitation. Thank you!

Lori Walker & Stacy Fisher for Safety & Pride by Ms. Murphy & Ms. Doohen for staying late on Friday to make sure that all of the students boarded the bus safely. Also, for going above and beyond your regular duties and truly making a difference at RHS.

Lorraine Pioszak for Pride & Learning by Ms. Murphy for always making sure that learning continues when you are asked to substitute. You are truly a team player!