Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

February 8-12

Important Dates

Monday, February 8: Cumulative First Grade Math Test, 1B textbooks are due!

Friday, February 12: Homework Packet due

*Test on Chapter 1 in 2A will be between Wednesday 2/17 and Friday 2/19. I will let you know next week based on what our pacing is like in this new textbook!

A Peek at Next Week...

In the new homework packet I sent home today, the first half is the continued review for our cumulative test on Monday. Students also took home the remainder of their 1B workbooks today to keep, which are filled with helpful study tools.

Please remember to send in your child's 1B hardback textbook on Monday. When I receive these, I will hand out the 2A textbooks for at home use.

On Tuesday, we will begin Chapter 1 of 2A. In this chapter, your child will learn numbers to 1,000. Some of the skills your child will practice are:

  • using place-value charts to read, write, compare, and order numbers to 1,000
  • counting on by 10s and 100s to 1,000
  • identifying number patterns

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