April News & Notes

Meadowview's Monthly Newsletter

WOW! April is a BUSY Month!

April 4th - April 13th PARCC Testing Grades 3rd - 6th

April 4th - 8 am Online Registration opens

April 4th - 3:30-7:00 pm Kindergarten Registration

April 10th - Safety Seminar #1

April 11th - Safety Seminar #2

April 18th - BPAC Meeting

April 19th - 6th Grade Parent Night at JJH

April 20th - Meadowview Fun Fair

April 20th - Savers "FIll the Truck" Fundraiser

PARCC TESTING Begins April 4th at 8:25 am

We have PARCC Testing beginning April 4th at 8:25 am. All 3rd through 6th grade students take tests in English Language Arts and Math. These tests are mandated by the state of Illinois. The PARCC assessments serve as an “educational GPS system,” assessing students’ current performance, and pointing the way to what students need to learn to be ready for the next grade level and, by high school graduation, for college and/or a career.

If you want more information, please use this link!

Please help us provide the best environment for all students by having your child here on time. If a student arrives after 8:20 am, they will not be able to take the test with their class. They will wait in the office (on the bench outside the office) and read or work on other work provided by the teacher.

Registration Opens Online April 4th at 8 am

Online registration opens April 4th! Please go to Skyward Family Access and register for next year! You will receive a discount on your fees if you register from now until JUNE 1st. I said July 1st in an earlier communication. It is JUNE 1st. My apologies for my mistake. I'm very sorry!

When you register early, we learn sooner how many students we will have and which grades may need 3 classes. The sooner we know, the better the teaching candidates we can interview for the position. So, the sooner you register the better, please!

Sixth grade parents, please register as returning students for Jefferson.

Parents of students who went to preschool in our district, your children are also returning students!

Kindergarten Registration April 4th 3:30-7:00pm

Do you know anyone with children who will be old enough for kindergarten next school year? Please let them know we will have Kindergarten registration on April 4th at Meadowview from 3:30-7:00 pm. Do you remember this past August when we split kindergarten into 3 classes? If we can get enough parents to register earlier, we will know we will split earlier. If you can help us get the word out, we may be able to avoid that last minute split! Thanks for your help!

Safety Seminars - April 10th or April 11th

Woodridge 68 is partnering with the Woodridge Police Department to bring parents this safety seminar. Come hear how we can all work together for student safety at school, online, and in the community.

All parents are invited to attend either night.

The same information will be presented at each seminar.

Seminar #1: Tuesday, April 10th 6:00 pm

Willow Creek Elementary School

2901 Jackson Drive, Woodridge

Seminar #2: Wednesday, April 11th 6:00 pm

John L. Sipley Elementary School

2806 63rd Street, Woodridge

Please Join Us April 18th!

Please join us on April 18th from 6pm-8pm at Meadowview and learn about our Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC), how you can get involved, and engage in a series of district wide events. Childcare will be available!

6th Grade Parent Night at Jefferson April 19th

With your child’s sixth grade school year quickly coming to an end, Mr. Warnke and his administrative team invites you to the 6th Grade Parent Night at Jefferson Junior High. He and his administrative team will be holding this event on Thursday, April 19th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Jefferson LRC. Mark your calendars!

During the presentation, the team will cover what a typical day looks like for a 7th grader at Jefferson Junior High, exploratory/elective offerings, daily procedures, athletics/activities/intramurals offered, and what you can expect as parents as your child transitions to Jefferson. The team will also give plenty of time for parents to ask any question that they may have in regards to Jefferson Junior High School.

On Friday, April 20th, our sixth graders will be visiting Jefferson, for their Step Up Day. They will be receiving a very similar presentation and receiving a tour of the building, which will be led by 8th grade students and staff.

Jefferson's administrative team looks forward to meeting you all and creating a memorable experience for soon to be 7th graders! Do not hesitate to contact Mr. Warnke, or any of the administrative team at Jefferson, if you have any questions. Reminders will be sent closer to the event.

Meadowview Fun Fair is April 20th!

Mark your calendars! The Fun Fair is Friday, April 20th 6 pm! We will have lots of great games for the kids, baskets, and the silent auction! It is sure to a be great time for all!

And don't forget to bring your donations for our Savers Fundraiser! The truck will be here all day!


  • Did you know outside supervision by teachers starts at 8:00 am?
  • Did you know students are brought into the building, to their lockers, and then into their classrooms at 8:05 am?
  • Did you know we say the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements at 8:15 am and instruction starts at 8:20 am?
  • Did you know our buses are typically here at between 8:00 and 8:05? If you are dropping off your child, please remember to move up as far as you can so we can have as many students get out of their vehicles as possible. Do you have to drive your child? Could you walk instead? Think about it! Especially with the weather getting nicer and nicer!
  • Did you know we have one person outside at recess for every classroom? (That's the same amount of adults in typical classrooms!)
  • Did you know we have 7 teachers who work during their lunch in the lunchroom? I am often in there as well! When teachers are in the lunchroom, they can use the same language they use in the classroom. And they know students!

School Safety

Please know we have many drills during the year. I may or may not announce drills ahead of time, for obvious reasons. We take school safety very seriously. Your children's safety is our top priority.

You can help us with school safety!

While waiting for your child after school, or waiting for your child to enter the building in the morning, you may want to remember this phrase:

See Something, Hear Something, Say Something!

If you see something suspicious, say something to a teacher, me, or call 911.

If you hear something suspicious, say something to a teacher, me, or call 911.

Calling 911 is not just for emergencies in Woodridge anymore! If you see a suspicious car in our parking lot, or parked near the school, call 911 and tell the police about it!

District's Commitment to Social Emotional Learning

As part of our district commitment to Social Emotional Learning, we are utilizing an assessment in order to gather more information from the student perspective. Positive social-emotional development allows our students to engage in problem-solving, demonstrate curiosity, and build productive relationships with others. Students in grades 3 and up will be participating in the BESS assessment, a brief tool to report on their perspectives on a number of social-emotional and behavioral factors, in early April.

Multicultural & Community Resource Fair May 18th

Mark your calendars for Friday May 18th from 6-8:30 pm and experience different cultures from different countries! Meadowview will be well represented so please come and enjoy the festivities at Jefferson Junior High School!

Spread the Word to End the Word

Ms. Quigley, one of our LBS teachers, spoke with every class in March about the use of the R-word. She talked about labels and how they can be hurtful! Then she asked students, teachers, and staff to pledge not to say the R-word! I'm proud of all of our students and staff who pledged to end the use of the R-word! We all hope you won't use it either!

Meadowview School

We are foxes! We are proud!

Meadowview foxes are safe, respectful, & responsible!