By: Jessica Sanchez

Giraffes are originated from giraffiadae. Since giraffes originate from giraffiadae, they have strong muscles and are fast. Even as a calf, the giraffes run, play, and sometimes train if in a group. Using their tongues or lips, the giraffes eat at least 95% of their diet using their necks to reach tall trees. When giraffes finish these activities and sleep, they do so standing up incase of predators.

Giraffe Looks

Giraffes are related okapi and deer in many different ways. Due to this, giraffe legs are 10% longer than their back legs. Covering the legs and body of the giraffe, their spots give off some protection from predators. The giraffe has long legs and horns. The heart of the giraffe is about 22 pounds and 2 feet long. Giraffes that are healthy and properly born are about 16 to 20 feet.