The Call of the Wild

The Life of Buck

Bucks life was perfect. He was the king of all humans and dogs. But he was sold to people he did not know and they treated him badly. He was taken to a man in a red sweater and the men that transported him were glad to get rid of him but Buck was still mad from being sold. At his first chance he attacked the man in the red sweater, but he felt a pain. He realized it was the club in the mans hand, but he continued to attack. He kept attacking until he could not anymore and he was covered in blood. He had been conquered, and he knew he was no longer the king of all. He was then sold to two men from Canada.
Buck new owners are Perrault and Francois. Buck met many dogs and saw many leave or die. One of the first things that happened was Curly the dog he was bought with was killed but the lead dog named Spitz. Buck had to learn how to survive. He learn from other dogs and from instincts of his ancestors. He learned where to sleep at night and how to steal food to survive. Spitz also went out of his way to bully Buck. One night he took it too far by sleeping in the nest the Buck had mad but left unoccupied when he went to go get food. When Buck came back he attacked Spitz and shocked both of them. Right after Buck attacked Spitz in became clear that their camp was being raided by other dogs. The team with the help of Perrault and Francois kept the other dogs at bay for the most part. Buck was not done there when the team and a bunch of other teams got together they started to hunt a rabbit, Spitz was the one to catch the rabbit, but Buck attacked Spitz right there. They fought for a while and Buck came out on top and killed Spitz. After Spitz was killed he became lead dog and they made record times on certain trails. But in the end Buck and the team where sold.
Buck and the team was sold to a scotch Half-Breed. They were part of a mail train and ran almost non-stop and got little rest. Even though Buck had muscles of iron he lost weight and became tired from non-stop long running. Dave was one of the wheel dogs, but he became sick and got weaker but would not stop until one day he could not stand up. The Scotch Half-Breed had no choice but to shoot him and put him out of his misery. He later sold Buck and the Team to Brother in-laws Hal and Charles and sister/wife Mercedes. The new owner did not know how to do anything and they made the sled top heavy and was too heavy for the dogs to pull at first until they got rid of something's. The dogs were fed too much to start and they soon ran out of food. The other dogs they the owner bought died off and the dogs from the original team became weak and you could see their bones. They soon got to a the camp of John Thornton and they were beating Buck non-stop because he would not get up so John Thornton got up and saved Buck and he became Bucks new owner and the first thing that happened when John saved him was his old team going off and falling into the ice and drowning.
Buck grew his strength back when he was with John. John treated Buck with love that no other owner had ever treated him. Buck would do anything for John and saved John from drowning in a river almost drowning him self to save John. John had said to other men that Buck could pull 1,000 pounds by himself. At first it was hard for Buck but he broke the sled fee from the frozen ice on it and began to pull and was able to pull it 100 yards which won John a lot of money. John and his friends went on the search for a lost gold mine and they found a hotspot for gold. Buck kept hearing a call in the forest and went to investigate and would be gone for days at a time and one day he found a wolf howling they interacted with each other until Buck went back to John. One day when Buck came back everybody including the dogs were dead shoot with arrows and spears. he found the Indians that did it and attacked them killing many causing them flea. He join a wolf pack and became a legend to that Indian tribe where you could see a wolf that stuck out and was bigger than the rest leading them and would return to the same spot every year.

Explanation of skills

I incorporated the skills plot, mood and conflict. I incorporated conflict by describing most of the conflict the Buck faced with each of his owners. I incorporated mood by describing the intense details of Buck's life. I incorporated the 6 parts of plot by saying he was the king of all which was the exposition and the initiating event was being sold to the man in the red sweater, I incorporated rising action by describing the events before he met John Thornton, I incorporated the climax by describing him being saved by John Thornton. I incorporated the falling action by saying what all Buck did for John, I incorporated the resolution by saying that John died and Buck joined a wolf pack.