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Term 4 Week 6 Friday 13 November 2015

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Yesterday as a school community, we commemorated Remembrance Day, where we call to mind the sacrifice of thousands.

The war that began one hundred and one years ago, subsequently ended on this day in 1918 - at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The 11th of November was first known as Armistice Day, to recognise that the fighting had ended. After World War II the day came to be known as Remembrance Day, to acknowledge the need to honour all those who had lost their lives in conflict.

We need to understand that the many lives lost in World War I were both soldiers and civilians, men and women, young and old, of all nationalities and religions, and that their loss meant thousands of people around the world grieved for many years. This loss continued to resound for Australia and the rest of the world through the 1920s and 1930s. Historians remark how Australia, in its cities and suburbs, its country towns and outback areas, was a quieter place after World War I - the silence of a lost generation.

Unfortunately, many more lives continue to be lost in subsequent conflicts, Sadly, people still grieve the loss of loved ones in terrible wars. As a College community we remember all these people and the young Australians who have died in the service of our country and hope that the way of peace prevails over the way of war.

Remembrance Day is a time of reflection. We should feel sadness for those men and women who had so much to live for, but who lost their lives in war, giving up their lives to help others. As a community we need to take time to think about how we can live in a way which follows their example, to think about how we can help those in need, and how we can honour the sacrifices of our fallen service men and women by making sacrifices of our own.

As a community we pray:


if I ever "build walls",

cutting people off

or isolating myself

from the needs of others,

alert me to what I am doing.

Open my eyes

to see what unites people

rather than what divides us.

Show me

how to be inclusive

and build bridges between people

instead of being exclusive

and putting up walls that divide.


God Bless

Mrs Patricia Baker

Sergeant Peter Mulvie

Ancestor of Irene Manning

As a person passionate about family history and particularly family stories I remember standing in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra reading the many names on the honour roll when I first saw the name of Sergeant Peter Mulvie and wondered if he could possibly be a relation to myself even though I had always believed that my family were the first of the Mulvie descendants to emigrate to Australia. Several years later I found this to be incorrect and discovered that Sergeant Peter Mulvie arrived in Australia as a 24 year old and first enlisted in the Queensland Police Force just prior to the outbreak of WWI. Not long after this he enlisted in the Australian Infantry and was shipped out to France to serve his countries as a sergeant in the 15th Battalion. Peter was killed in action on the 1st February, 1917 Gueudecourt, France.

Extracts from field diaries of the time.

The 15th's relief of the 46th Battalion took place on January 24 and 25 (1917). The countryside was frozen, and the Somme was a solid block of ice-an occurrence so rare that nobody had witnessed such a phenomenon for eighty years. On its way the Battalion moved through what was left of Delville Wood, crossing the broken and twisted earth where one of the bitterest struggles of the whole war had taken place during the previous summer.

Here, the grotesque shapes of what once were human beings lay carpeted with snow. Some of them had become part of the frozen earth itself where, they awaited the warmth of spring and the burial parties.

As company after company passed through the wood the flat country around Flers came into view. Across this expanse of snow the Battalion picked its way. "A" and "B" Companies took up their positions in Bull Trench in support. "C" and "D" moved forward into the front line where they took over from the companies of the 46th.

On the day of Peter’s death the following was recorded,

Front Line on the 1st February, 1917. Lieutenant Tom Heffer, in writing about this engagement, says: "At 2.30 we turned out into a calm moonlight night. It was cold as charity but beautiful. We were soon under way in single file to our jumping-off trench, and well settled down in it by dawn. We had a rather lazy day of it chatting and smoking. Our 60lb. trench mortar bomb, and our heavy artillery had a go at the enemy wire on the front we were tackling. As Fritz's trench was only about 75 yards to 100 yards from ours, we should really have been withdrawn to escape the backlash of our heavies, but movement out of the trench in daylight was impossible, as in many places the communication saps barely hid a man lying down. We were peppered with showers of frozen earth and fragments of shell which came hissing into the snow about us, but had great luck in getting no one hit, though shells were falling close to the trench both in front and behind. The wire was not cut, so the attack was off so far as "C" Company was concerned, though "A" Company had a go at its objective. To assist them 50 of "C" Company under Captain Dunworth, Lieutenant Domeney and I had a go at the strongpoint which formed the right of "A" Company's objective."

At seven p.m. the barrage fell. The line of men stood up and moved out, walking close up to it, ready to leap forward when it lifted. For the first and only time in the whole night's operations luck was with the attacking force. The Germans did not think that the effort upon the part of the artillery was a barrage. When the two minutes elapsed, and the barrage lifted, the men dashed forward into the barbed wire. Previous to this they had kept a per-feet line, moving, as Lieutenant Heffer says: "Over the snow in great style just like a practice manoeuvre." Pulled up short by the wire the "A" Company men sought for an opening, and on Captain Carter finding one, he rapidly drew the men towards it and shepherded them through. So swiftly was the manoeuvre accomplished that the men were in the German trench before the German officers had come up from their dugouts. Heffer, who was on the extreme right flank of the charge, leapt forward to the wire slightly in advance of his men when a bomb burst beside him driving a piece of metal through the middle of his thigh. As he fell to the ground a big explosive burst and he rolled into an ice floored shell hole and lost consciousness. Corporal Roy Proctor was killed at the outset, being hit on the head by an egg bomb. "C" Company's fighting tornado, Sergeant, Peter Mulvey, became tangled up in the wire, and from this Position hurled bombs and explosives at the Germans until, wounded again and again, he finally fell dead across the wire. The failure of the fifty men belonging to "C" Company to enter the trench through the barbed wire necessitated their withdrawal. Their losses were not heavy, but they were unfortunate ones. Besides the loss of Sergeant Mulvey was that of Sergeant Peter Drummond, whose injuries were so severe his leg had to be amputated.

Peter’s mother later wrote to the Chaplain seeking information about her son’s death and received the following in reply.

"Dear Mrs Mulvie 9th April, 1917.

I have received your letter enquiring for particulars of your son's death. I was not Chaplain with this Brigade at that time but from enquiries of your boy's comrades, I learn that the lad was killed in the storming of the German position at Goudecourt, 1/2nd February and they believe that he was buried upon the spot where he was seen to fall as soon as it was possible to do so. I understand that he met his death right amidst the German defences and it was impossible to recover his body until the position was safe.

I am assured that none of his effects were found excepting only two letters which were destroyed. His pay book was even not recovered. It is of course possible that some comrade of his may have taken care of his things, in which case they would be sent to General Headquarters and later would be sent to you.

As part of the attack on Gueudecourt failed in the beginning, it might be possible that Germans removed any effects found upon his body. If nothing eventually reaches you, I am sure you can take it for granted that nothing was found. I hope you will not grieve now over the details I am giving you necessarily they must be very painful but remember that both you and your dear son are like many thousands of mothers and sons at the present moment the living and the loving grieving over the heroic dead.

Wishing you every blessing and divine consolation.

I am Dear Mrs. Mulvie yours very sincerely,

(sgd) C. Lonnagan, Catholic Chaplain 15th Battalion A.I.F."

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College Uniform Shop

Term 4 Additional Opening Hours

Monday 23rd November 8:00 am—7:30 pm

Monday 7th December 8:00 am—7:30 pm

Regular Trading Hours

Monday and Wednesday 8:00 am—2:00 pm (Terms 1 and 4)

Mondays only 8:00 am—2:00 pm (from Week 5 Term 2 and all Term 3)

Cerdon College Uniform Shop Management

Telephone: 8724 7329 (During trading hours only)

Important Notice for Parents and Students

Partial Student Absence

All students are expected to be punctual to school and remain at school until the conclusion of the school day unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents must have notified the school prior, so that students know that they must leave class early. These circumstances do not include leaving early to collect children from other schools, attending appointments that can be scheduled out of school hours, part-time work or catching a connecting bus or train. It is impossible to expect Cerdon College staff to collect students from class for parents who wish to pick them up early without notification.

Entering and Exiting School Grounds

Parents are reminded that students ARE NOT to be dropped off or picked up from the College's Sherwood Road car park. A few parents continue to compromise the safety of students and staff entering and leaving the College grounds.

The gates are clearly signposted and parents are asked to respect these instructions which are in place to protect the safety of students.

Whooping Cough Information

Time from exposure to illness
Usually 9 to 10 days (can range from 6 to 20 days).
Starts with a running nose, followed by persistent cough that comes in bouts. Bouts maybe followed by vomiting and a whooping sound as the child gasps for air.
Do I need to keep my child home?
Yes, until the first 5 days of a special antibiotic have been taken.
How can I help prevent its spread?
Immunisation at 2, 4, 6 months and 4 years of age. A particular antibiotic can be given for the patient and those that have been in close contact. The infected child should be excluded from childcare and school until 5 days after treatment begins. Unimmunised childcare attendees may be excluded from childcare unless they take the antibiotics. Click here for NSW Health Whooping Cough Factsheet.

Year 12 Jackets

Year 12 have finalised the design for their commemorative jacket. Parents are informed that the cost is $85 and that payment is due to the school office by Wednesday 25 November 2015.

Mr Bridges

Year 11 Co-ordinator

Year 9 & 10 Examination Timetables and Year 11 Assessment Booklets

A reminder that all assessment information is available from Assessment Central. You can access the upcoming Year 9 and Year 10 Examination timetables by clicking here and the Year 11 Assessment Handbook (for the HSC year 2015-2016) by clicking here.

Study Skills for all Students

Great news! Our school has subscribed to the ELES Online Study Skills Handbook. The ELES Online Study Skills Handbook provides a comprehensive and interactive online guide for the school community (students, parents and teachers) as to the study skills needed for success in high school studies. This approach taps into students' affinity with technology to create a new and effective way to improve students' study skills. The handbook has a huge amount of information for both students and parents as well as a large number of interactive activities.

To access the handbook, go to and login as a subscriber. Your daughter has received via email the College username and password you can use to access this resource.

(Please note: the user name and password is for the use of the secondary school parents and students of CERDON COLLEGE ONLY. Please do not pass our school's details onto students or parents from other schools or other individuals or organisations as this is a prosecutable breach of copyright and also will result in frequent password changes for our school. Please also ensure you read through the terms of use the first time you access the handbook).

Here is a sample of some of the topics currently covered by the handbook:

  • Working Better At Home Units - organisation and filing; time management skills; dealing with distractions; overcoming procrastination; managing stress.
  • Working Better At School Units - will we ever use this?; using classtime; asking for help; dealing with conflict; groupwork skills.
  • Improving Your Skills Units - reading skills, writing skills, mathematical skills; science skills; foreign language skills; assignments skills; research skills, presentation skills.
  • Improving How You Study Units - summarising; active studying; preparing for exam blocks; test-taking techniques; after tests and exams.
  • Extra General Mini-Units - starting secondary school; becoming a senior student; bullying: issues and strategies; managing part-time jobs; your brain and memory; live your best life; living across 2 houses; university - a new adventure.

For a full list of topics and further information please visit

We encourage all parents and students to take advantage of this opportunity to further develop their students' study skills abilities through this online resource.

Ten tips from LifeHack that might help your daughter to better prepare herself for study. To review the article click here.

Mrs N Sylaprany

Religious Education Department News

As part of our Social Justice unit, and as a follow up for our Social Justice Day, Cerdon students from Year 10 have been travelling to Holy Family Primary School at Emerton to assist staff and students. The opportunity has meant that many girls have been assisting younger students with literacy and numeracy activities in their classroom. The staff of Holy Family have been impressed with the maturity and willingness of the Cerdon students to help with the younger students' learning.

This program has helped us live our Marist charism of being people of service.

Mr N Mulheron

Religious Education Co-ordinator


Congratulations to Sarah Meechan (Year 11) on her achievement at the recent WorldSkills Competition.

WorldSkills Australia national program of Regional Competitions are held biennially across 31 Regions. Apprentices, trainees and students under the age of 23 can test their skills and knowledge in a Regional Competition.

The competitions are a series of skill-specific tests designed by industry experts that focus on unearthing talent in young Australians undertaking a trade or skill based career. Individuals are challenged to compete against the best in their region and ultimately the best in Australia. The competitors are marked against a rigorous framework aligned to national training packages, standards and benchmarks.

Sarah's performance at WorldSkills was outstanding with her achieving Third Place in our region and second place in the heat. Sarah looked very professional and was a great ambassador for Cerdon College.

Congratulations also to Mrs Kelly who spent many hours preparing Sarah for this competition. The additional training made an incredible difference and set her apart from other competitors.

Visual Arts News

Artexpress Nominations

The Visual Arts students have been enjoying a series of achievements in recent weeks. To add to the celebrations, we have received notification that Faid Ahmad and Ji Won Yi (Serah) have had their HSC Bodies of Works retained by the Board of Studies for consideration for Artexpress 2016. We are so proud of their achievements and acknowledge the guidance of their art teacher Mrs Famularo.

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A small sample of Faid’s Body of Work, ‘place.navigate.matrix’
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A small sample of (Serah) Ji Won’s Body of Work, ‘An escape with Kandinsky and Miro’

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Winners in the Young Portia Art Exhibition

Recently we had a story in the newsletter about four Year 11 Visual Arts students, Olivia Townsend, Mia Aquilina, Ama Berkoh and Christine Skaf who had their work selected for the Young Portia exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery, a part of The National Trust, and located at Observatory Hill in the city. We are delighted to let you know that two of the girls have gone on to win in their age group. Congratulations to both Olivia and Ama!

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Design an Ad – Cerdon winner & runner up in High School Category

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Parramatta Sun Design an Ad

Each year the Parramatta Sun runs a community based feature with local schools and business titled "Design an ad". This is where a local business takes out a quarter size ad for a local school. The school then works with students who work off a brief the business supplies to design an ad for that business. All entries were sent to the business and they selected their finalist who was then advertised in a 'special wrap around' in the first week of November.

Congratulations to Julie Vo who won the High School category while Emena Ramadan and Rachel Pham finished second!

Julie Vo - Winner of the High School Category

Emena Ramadan and Rachel Pham - Second Place in the High School Category

Rotary Club of Holroyd Dinner

On Monday 2nd November, 2015, the Holroyd Rotary Club held a Youth Dinner/Presentation evening. A number of our students who have recently been involved in Rotary Youth Programs or have been sponsored by Rotary gave a presentation about the program they are involved in.

Amanda Kheir and Christina Kheir (NYSF), Freshta Nawabi and Ama Berkoh (MUNA), Chelsea McIntyre (RYPEN), and Channelle Succar and Emily Del Principe (CEO and Assistant CEO of the winning company for Australian Business Week) did Cerdon College proud. They were articulate, engaging and confident, they shone brightly that evening. Mrs Baker, Mrs Parker, Mrs Stephenson, Mrs Agius, Mr Collimore and Miss Parker attended the dinner to support both the girls and Rotary.

Thank you to Holroyd Rotary.

Mrs L Parker

Assistant Principal

Mission and Administration

Thank You

A big thank you to Pack & Send for assisting Cerdon College in transporting a donation of second hand uniforms to the Catholic Missions in both Fiji and Indonesia. The company has kindly performed this operation for cost, saving the College a significant amount of money. A few years ago, they did a similar thing for us free of charge. So if you need anything sent anywhere, please use Pack & Send. They support us so let us support them.
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Co-ordinators Awards

Abyssinia Abaddi 8G23

Catherine Abarca 8G25

Claudia Abi Kabalane 8G23

Aisha Ali 8G27

Alysha Biber 8GL3

Monica Chan 8G25

Kajol Chand 8GL3

Tayla Contreras 8G27

Suzannah Dimos 8G27

Isabella Gale 8G27

Veronica Gambacorta 8G27

Lytia Heng 8G25

Clara Khalil 8G23

Amanda Kheir 11F15

Layal Moualla 8G23

Shirley Nagamine 8G24

Leanne Purkis 11F14

Susie Sukarieh 11F13

Bridie Titmuss 8GL3

Catalina Valdivia 11F15

Julia Validakis 11F11

Chrisafoula Vavdinos 8G25

Jami Younes 8G23

Numeracy at Cerdon

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Grace Muscat

(Leader of Learning: Numeracy)

Year 9 iPad Implementation (2016)

As promised the presentation used last Wednesday evening can be accessed by clicking here. I would encourage you to review the two videos (there is a link to a short video on the second-last slide and a video embedded in the last slide) which illustrates the Blended Learning approach discussed with parents on Wednesday night.

There were also some questions asked on the evening which some parents may not have had answers to; there are a small sample of answers to some of the frequently asked questions from the evening below.

I have bought an iPad 2, 3 or 4 or have an iPad Air 2, but only 16GB. Will I need to purchase another device?

If you have an iPad Air 2 and it has 16GB of memory your daughter will have less personal storage for items such as music, photos, videos, etc. Through the Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta we use Google Apps for Education which gives your daughter all the necessary cloud storage for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos & photos, etc. You can read more about these apps. here. With an Apple ID your daughter can also get access to 5GB of free storage for more personal documents, etc. This comes with the purchase of any Apple product.

You'll need to decide whether you can update your device to the latest iOS (mobile operating system). The current iOS build is 9.1. This article in MacWorld lists compatible devices.

What about breakages? How are they managed?

We recommend the purchase of the AppleCare warranty. You can learn more about the AppleCare protection plan by clicking here. There is a slight discount, as discussed, for educational purchasing through options 2 and 3 (see slide pack). Please read the information carefully to understand what is covered and is not covered.

Buying a protective case and screen protector are also recommended, as is discussing with your daughter how best to manage the device so as to minimise the risk of breakages is also important.

Who manages the applications (apps. or programs) on the iPad?

We will manage the purchase of any apps. we require that the students use. We can use volume purchasing to drive the cost of these down. Most of the apps. we will use are free.

Our system management program AirWatch, allows us to remotely 'push out' these apps. (and re-call them when students no longer need them or as required). It assists in app. management.

Your daughters can, of course, purchase and download their own apps. and some of our girls are already using various apps. to enable them to work more productively such as MathPad.

The only management required will be to ensure that the iOS is up to date.

What about the textbooks?

You will have received a textbook list from Campion which lists a very small number of texts for 2016. The maths textbook comes with a code that will enable your daughter to access an electronic version of it.

We are not substituting textbooks with an iPad; teachers are working towards implementing a Blended approach to learning in which they will aim to augment lessons with the technology rather than as a replacement for a textbook. Teachers have been working towards learning how to best accomodate contemporary learners and address the General Capabilities listed in the National Curriculum through various pedagogies such as the Flipped Classroom, PBL, Inquiry Based Learning, etc through connectivist and constructivist learning theories.

Will my daughter be safe online? What can I do as a parent to ensure her safety?

While your daughter is connected to the network here at school, the internet will be filtered through Z-Scaler. This service filters content and blocks access to sites deemed unsafe and inappropriate.

While at home, parents will need to make their own arrangements. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has a number of resources and tips to assist parents who may have concerns regarding their daughter's online habits. You can access the site by clicking here.

What research can you share that you have been conducting into the iPad?

As discussed last Wednesday evening, most of the work the teachers have been collaborating on together over the past year has focused solely on the types of pedagogies needed to support contemporary learners and how best to support them; Blended Learning and associated pedagogies such as Flipped learning, PBL and Inquiry Based learning. The decision to move to the iPad was made when it was clear that it was the device most suitable to support the vision of the school and meet contemporary needs such as those found in the General Capability statements in the National Curriculum (such as the ability to take photos and make videos which are integral to developing visual literacies).

Our research is stored in a staff website and on our Cerdon College Professional Learning Community Google+ page. These are business owned repositories for our staff. However, we do have a public Google+ page which you might consider joining. In future, we will also share our research and professional journey with you. You can find the community by clicking here.

Enrichment @ Cerdon

Although there are only a few weeks left of the term, there are still a lot of enrichment activities taking place. This week about 35 students from Year 8 and 9 sat the exam for the Gifted and Talented Science Discovery Program. Entry to this program is very competitive and I congratulate the girls who took on this challenge. Last week students from our school represented Cerdon at the Lions Youth of the Year competition and this week Year 11 students competed in the 2015 Year 11 Knowledge Challenge. There is still a lot of interest in a number of great competitions and some fantastic holiday programs. Be sure to check out these opportunities as applications close soon!

Holroyd City Lions National Bank Youth of the Year Competition 2015

On Wednesday 4th November Catherine Young from Year 10, Amanda Kheir and Christina Kheir from Year 11, represented Cerdon at the Lions Youth of the Year competition. Students were interviewed by three judges on topical issues such as the European refugee crisis, the amalgamation of councils and the representation of women in industry. Following this private judging, the girls had to present a prepared speech on a topic of their choice and answer impromptu questions on issues such as the radicalization of youth and issues facing young people from the bush.

Catherine spoke about being yourself and appreciating the little things in life. Catherine spoke very well and a her speech was commended by a number of people in the audience. Amanda spoke about the futility of war and whether war really solves any problems. For her presentation and efforts on the night, she was awarded the Public Speaking Award. Christina spoke about active citizenship and how our contributions, however small, can make a difference. For her efforts Christina was awarded the Holroyd City Lions Club Youth of the Year Award and will now represent the club at the district competition next year. Congratulations to all three girls for representing your school and your families so well.

Spine Out success

Congratulations to Erin Cahill from Year 10 who recently had her poem published

In the online magazine Spineout October and November issue. Erin is an enthusiastic writer who has had work published previously. You can view her latest work in Spineout via the Cerdon College Library page.

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The 2015 Year 11 Cerdon College Knowledge Challenge

The library was buzzing with many very enthusiastic Year 11 students as they competed in the 2015 Knowledge Challenge. Questions for the challenge came from all KLA areas including English, Mathematics, the Science, the Arts, Religion, the Humanities as well as sport, entertainment and current affairs. After hundreds of questions the grand final was contested between Colin and Marcellin. Congratulations to Armani Barakat, Emily Del Principe and Amanda Kheir from Colin for reaching the final and making it a real challenge for the opposition. Congratulations to Melissa Cuadros-Lu, Gemma Curtis, Jamie Lipsham and Leanne Purkis for once again winning the Knowledge Challenge for the Marcellin team! Well done girls!

Thank you to all the participating teams for providing such an entertaining challenge throughout the week and a special thank you to all the house mentors and staff who supported the girls and helped with the event.

Girls Programming Network (GPN) Hour of Code Open Day!

The Girls Programming Network is offering girls and their families the opportunity to participate in the Hour of Code Open Day. There are a number of projects available as well as Computerless Computing games to play! The Open day will be held at the University of Sydney and will run from 10 am – 4pm on Sunday 13th December. There is no cost for the day and guests can visit at any time, however registration is essential.

For further information and to register please visit

The Somerset Celebration of Literature Novella Writing Competition and National Poetry Prize

The Somerset National Writing and Poetry Competitions is open to all secondary students. The purpose of the competition is to encourage the love of writing amongst our youth, and to stimulate excellence in writing. If you enjoy writing this is a fantastic opportunity to have your work reviewed by a publisher with the possibility of winning some fantastic prizes including a first prize of $2500 for the Novella Writing Competition. Entries close December 4, 2015.

For conditions of entry and further information please visit

The Conoco Phillips Science Experience

This very popular program has sparked a science interest in many of our past student. The three day program runs at a number of universities across Australia and is supported by Rotary. Participating students are involved in a number of exciting activities across a number of scientific fields. Here students in Years 9 and 10 have the opportunity to explore new science interests and meet like-minded students from across Australia.

The most popular experiences for our students have been at the UNSW program which will run on the 28-30 September 2015 and the University of Sydney program which will be on the 13-15 January 2016. For other dates and further information visit

GERRIC : The Scientia Challenge 2016

The Scientia Challenge Program is designed for gifted and talented high school students in Years 7-10. The program features a range of workshops taught over three days. The courses are developed and presented by academics at the University of New South Wales. The level of difficulty in the courses is aimed at two years higher than the students' grade level, providing a rigorous and challenging program. The program also provides the opportunity for gifted students to meet like-minded peers of similar interests.

The next Scientia Challenge Program will be held January 19-21, 2016. In this program you can learn about the brain and its anatomy, you can make an animated, interactive movie, you can learn more about personality types or find out more about composing sound and music for films. For further information and application details please visit or see Mrs Agius.

Learn to Code like a Ninja! NCSS Summer School

The National Computer Science School (NCSS) is a ten day summer school for students going into Years 11 and 12. NCSS brings together talented young people from around Australia for an intensive course of computer programming and website development in the School of IT at the University of Sydney.

NCSS 2016 will run from Sunday 3rd to Tuesday 12th January, 2016 (inclusive).

Students who will complete Year 11 in 2015 and exceptionally gifted Year 10 students are eligible to apply. Selection of students will be based on academic performance, particularly in the subjects of mathematics and science, and demonstrated interest in computing. Personal qualities, such as community service, and social and teamwork skills will also be taken into consideration.

No prior knowledge of computing is assumed. Students who are not taking computing units of study at school are eligible to apply.

NCSS is organised by academic staff, alumni and students of the School of Information Technologies. The school is completely residential, with all students staying with NCSS staff in full-board accommodation provided by The Women's College, within the main Camperdown campus of The University of Sydney. The cost of the entire program (including accommodation) is $440.

For further information please visit or see Mrs Agius.

Mrs S Agius

Enrichment Co-ordinator

PDHPE and Sport Report

PDSSSC Blues Award

Mary Cham of Year 8 will receive a PDSSSC Blues Award for her outstanding achievement in the sport of Taekwondo. Earlier this year, Mary represented Cerdon College at the NSW All Schools Taekwondo tournament. Mary performed exceptionally well on the day, securing the Gold Medal in her age group. She won the competition convincingly, with a score of 8-1. The Mercy Rule was applied once there was a seven point difference in the scoring. It is impressive to see Mary being recognised amongst the best athletes in the Parramatta Diocese. The Blues Award presentation will take place on Monday November 16th at OLMC Parramatta.

Congratulations to Mary on this fine achievement! We look forward to hearing about her future achievements in the sport of Taekwondo.

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Change of Contact Details

Please notify the College Office if you have changed any of your contact details ie. address, telephone number, email address, etc so that we are able to update our records accordingly.

Thank you

School Calendars

You can search for each of the Cerdon Calendars using a Google search and subscribe to them in your preferred calendar (eg iCal) or click on the links below to view the relevant calendar.

Cerdon College Calendar

Year 7 Calendar

Year 8 Calendar

Year 9 Calendar

Year 10 Calendar

Year 11 Calendar

Year 12 Calendar

Sports Calendar

Feast Days


Invitation to a Reflection Day

Did you know Pope Francis has announced December 8th begins the Holy Year of Mercy?

Come to a reflection day on Saturday November 28 entitled “Mercy Begins with Me” presented by Marist Father Ray Chapman SM. This is an open invitation to everyone. The day will be held at St Patricks Church Hill in the city from 10 am to 2 pm.

For more information go to

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