Bill Of Rights

Jayde Mace U.S. History period 1

What are bill of rights

  • The bill of rights is the collective name for the first ten amendment to the united states constitution.

Bill 1: Freedom of speech, the press and religion

  • If you have complains about the government speak up because the government cant stop you.
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Bill 2: To the right to bear arms

  • Necessary to a free state the right of the people and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  • Court Case: Terry V. ohio
  • Summary: A police officer withnessed three men pacing in front of a jewelry store. He approached the men and indnified himslef.
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Bill 3: The right to privacy in the home

  • Solider should not come in your house with out asking you if they can and they cant eat your food with out asking.
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Bill 4: Unreasonable search and seizure

  • People like the police/solder cant just walk into your house with no search warning and they need to tell you what they are looking for.
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Bill 5: Double jeopardy self-icrimiation, and due process of law

To charger people.
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Bill 6: The right of the accused in criminal case

When you have done something bad you cant set in jail for years. you have to go to court you can have a lawyer to help and they have to tell who charger you.
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Bill 7: the right to a jury trial

$20.00 was a lot of money to pay off a case and when the case was over you could not brig it back up.

Bill 8: Preventing cruel and unueual punishment

To pay the bail for fines.

Bill 9: Rights retained by the people

right that cant be token away.

Bill 10: Limiting federal powers

federal government state was equal power.