The Mississippi Delta

Want to know about the misissippi delta ?

Threats for the mississippi delta

There a great amount of dangerous species that could ruin the mississippi delta

one of the animals are Louisiana Black bear , piping plover, green sea turtle

Type of plant`s living in the mississippi delta

These type of plant`s only survive in wetlands

  1. cattails
  2. swamp rose
  3. spider lilies
  4. cypress trees

Advantages to animals living in the mississippi delta

The Mississippi delta is one of the good wetlands and great habitats for the animals

  1. It`s a great nursery for younger fishes and shellfish
  2. They create wildlife habits
  3. The Mississippi delta is a great place to send homeless animals to live at
  4. Fertile soil for agriculture

Disadvantages about the Mississippi delta

  1. Can cause ship/big boat traffic
  2. Can cause upstream flooding
  3. The homeless can hurt the delta by drinking water
  4. Can cause erosion and blow the sand into the delta and makes it a not clean water delta


Thank you for giving me a lot of information about the Mississippi delta Thank you again