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T,A,R,N Place HELP!!

Hello um my name is Wendy Anderson and i'm getting ready for my wedding that's in a few days and my makeup artist she quit because of my crazy mom kept yelling at her during practice. I was wondering if you can help me????? I'm getting married in 3 days and need mad help!!!

Dear Ms. Anderson

Yes, i'm willing to help you. I understand where you're coming from, I had a client before with the same problem. Um, we can meet tomorrow at 9 am if you're available. Our makeup artist Ashlea is willing to help you and it will be $125. Thank you for picking T,A,R,N Place.

T,A,R,N Place

T,A,R,N Place is a very new and great business. Here at T,A,R,N Place we never say no,we just go and di it. Our staff if very kind me,Tykia(manager),Ashlea(co-manger),Raven(nails-toes)Nateiona(angry customer) and Brayleigh(customer).