Tim Berners-Lee and Alan Turing

How These Two People Have Changed Computer History

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee is most famous for inventing the world-wide web in 1989.

He was born in June 1955 in London and graduated from Oxford University in 1976. While he was there he built his first computer and received a degree in Physics. Then he invented the World Wide Web as well as the language that most webpages are written in - HTML. He also created the first web browser and the first ever website was launched on 6 August 1991.

The WWW is an incredible invention, however this resource can be abused.

But at the same time it can be a life saver.

We will all be indebted to Tim Berners-Lee and his amazing invention of the World Wide Web.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a war-time mathematician and code-breaker.

Turing was born in June 1912 in London. He graduated from Cambridge University with First-Class honours in Mathematics. Then he worked in Bletchley Park working on cracking the Enigma Cipher and was a wartime hero.

Alan Turing committed suicide in 1954 after being prosecuted for homosexuality. It is said he ate an apple poisoned with cyanide.