Growth of japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Arts - Summarized By Mitchell Wong

Calligraphy and Painting

The Japanese wrote on paper and silk with black ink and brushes. The symbols they wrote was called calligraphy and was a way to show beauty. Painting on scrolls and paper began in the 600s and was used in every day life.

These are some ways people used japanese calligraphy

  • Keep track of historical events
  • Depict and construct landscapes
  • To give a description of art

Flower Arranging and Gardening

Flower arranging was brought to Japan by Buddhists who showed people how to show people how to bring out the beauty of flowers by creating gardens. these gardens are arranged with rocks, flowers, and a tree called a bonsai tree witch is a small tree or bush that has been planted in a pot.

These are some reasons why the Japanese thought having a garden is important

  • Shinto tells people to respect nature so having a garden is one way the japanese can respect nature
  • People wanted a place to think quietly
Japanese Garden Tour

Essential Question-What themes are reflected in Japanese arts?

Review Question - How did Japanese culture reflect an interest in natural beauty?