Peter and the Starcatchers

by maddie

Molly Aster

Hi, i'm Molly Aster, and i am 14 years old. My dad is sailing on the wasp, while i'm over here on the never land.And i need to tell you something, and, well, i don't know how to say it...I'm part of a group called the starcatchers and it runs in my family my ,dad,grandma,great grandma, and so on. but anyway our job. well you know what shooting stars are right? like how there made of rock well most of them are,some are made of star stuff,and are job is to find before the others others, and well you may be thinking who are the others? most of them are people some are not. and they are the starcatchers not enemy we oppose to them. and are MANKIND'S enemy.And they take the power from the starstuff, and it comes down to whats in the trunk.And so the magical item in the trunk starstuff.,

character traits

  • loved animals
  • loves her family

phiscal traits

  • blond hair
  • rich
  • fancy

Talking Animals

Tuesday, Sep. 15th 1953 at 1-2:15pm

Animal Kingdom, Kissimmee, FL, United States

Kissimmee, FL

Come and see an amazing show, and bring your whole family because the amazing Molly Aster will be talking to all sorts of animals! And don't for get to bring your dogs because you can also have Molly talk to them too!