Vicki Cooke

B.A. Psychology - Minor in HR Mgmt

A Little About Me...

Vicki is a junior at Ashford majoring in Psychology with a minor in Human Resources Management, and has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.94 in her time at Ashford.

Over the years, Vicki has worked in the manufacturing, food service, and gaming industries both as a frontline employee and in a supervisory role. This unique experience has shown her the importance of listening and being a cheerleader for those around her. Currently, Vicki is part of a student organization who believes in teaching women the importance of empowering themselves and other women. Vicki is a strong believer in the power of strong time management skills, self-knowledge, setting goals, and having a strong support system for those continuing their education. She is looking forward to continuing her education after completing her bachelor’s in 2017 by entering a doctoral program; her biggest goal is to walk at graduation with her younger sister who is also a student here at Ashford studying Human Resources Management.

In her spare time, what little there is, she enjoys reading, baking, quilting, spending time with her grandnephew, and is working on her version of the great American novel.