iPads in the Classroom

By Heather Stephens

What are the Advantages of iPads in the Classroom?

iPads are fully companionable with online teaching and learning styles which can be easily incorporated into the classroom every day. iPads fit students’ lifestyle, create collaborative content, and allow virtual field trips. The charm of using iPads in school is apparent and students find them easier to use than the traditional computers. Never before has it been easier to create and share content with others. Teachers are able to collaborate with other educators around the world. Students are able to collaborate and communicate with other students around their world to enhance learning. Most students and schools are unable to afford field trips to learning locations. With an iPad, teachers can take their class on virtual field trips to museums, national parks, and different countries using the Skype app. iPads tend to promote disconnected or shy students to interact. iPad apps can be used to engage students in reading and other activities. iPads can improve students’ writing. Students’ can use iPad apps to write stories or add descriptions to their pictures. iPads make it easier for students to create presentations, teachers to collect attendance, and teachers to conduct student polls and surveys. Teachers can have paperless classrooms and test their students all on their iPad.
Benefits of iPad Use in the Classroom
In this article, you will be introduced to 10 big benefits of using iPads in schools. You will read about how educators can deliver instruction and engage students for learning in the 21st century.

This article lists 18 iPad uses for the classroom. In this article, you will discover several reasons why iPads are becoming so popular and powerful in education.

The Virginia Experiment is part of a pilot program for the Virginia education department's "Beyond Textbook" initiative. In this article, you will read about the Virginia Experiment and how administrators are using iPads.

What About Special Needs and Accessibility Features

The iPad can be a positive tool to assist kids with learning disabilities or special needs. iPad apps can help build skills to identify emotions, communicate practicing social skills, and recognizing word reversals. Touch and Learn is a to use with students who need help untangling their emotions. The app allows students to look at four photographs and then touch the photo of a person showing a certain emotion. Teachers can customize the apps by choosing what emotions are shown, adding their own photographs, and determining whether the demanded emotion is spoken as well as displayed in writing. The Social Express app allows students to view video pieces about characters in common social situations. Afterward, the student investigates to see what the correct behavior is in a certain situation. The videos star four animated children and they noticeably reveal the characters’ facial expressions and body language. Students can learn to start conversations, become part of a group, identify hidden rules in certain situations, and make inferences from situations. LetterReflex assists students with dyslexia. This app helps to recognize letter reversals by having the students play two different games. Students direct marbles into holes formed by d’s, p’s, b’s, and q’s and students flip words that are formed incorrectly to match a target word.
iPads Used by Students With Special Needs
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Special education teachers are finding that iPads can be important to support independence. This article discusses the components important for apps associated to special education.
The apps in this article were developed at Moms With Apps to aid children and families. The app descriptions in this article are written by the developers.

Why are Schools Jumping on the iPad Bandwagon

IPad’s are one of the fastest growing purchases in educational technologies in all of the schools across the nation. Schools believe that iPad’s get students engaged in classes, help struggling learners, and grows student’s excitement in all subject areas. There are several reasons why the iPad is popular with schools. Before the iPad, children were forced to carry large devices to, from, and around the school. The iPad became the first device to last all day meaning that chargers did not add to the load. The iPad is light in weight and is no heavier than a couple of books. The iPad is large enough for a comfortable experience and small enough that students can easily carry it around. iPads do not form physical barriers while in use. Students are not hidden behind computer screens and are able to have openness and participate in sharing. The iPad conforms together a lot of things. It is a camera, a computer, a notebook, a whiteboard, etc. The iPad removes a lot of barriers that would have previously defeated the average user. Students and educators are able to use the iPad with confidence and flexibility. These are only several reasons that schools are jumping on the iPad bandwagon.
iPad in Education - Roger Ascham Primary School
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This article list three reasons why the iPad is so popular with schools. It discusses the iPad's physical characteristics, formed factor, and how it is a truly converged device.

What Can You Do With an iPad?

There are many things that students can do with an iPad. The iPad is great for surfing the internet and researching ideas in or out of the classroom. On the iPad, video

creation and editing is easy. Creating a video would be a great collaborative activity. It is portable and easy to carry wherever you go. The iPad is the ideal tool for note taking and storing class materials. Not all students love to participate in class. The iPad encourages participation from the more anxious or shy members of the class. iPads can be used for discussion or a live debate for homework. iPads have dozens and dozens of apps. There are many mind mapping apps which make revision fun and effective. There are also many art apps that allowing drawing and painting. iPads allow students to make music using an assortment of instruments. iPads allow the whole class to contribute to a blog. Students and teachers can use the iPad to access Skype. Skype allows video conferencing to be set up with schools in other counties, states, and countries. Skype allows students to talk, share their language and cultural differences with other students around the world. The innovation of the iPad will never wear off.

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