By: Bianca Fenstermacher


About, 200-300 years ago,Jamestown was still a great place. England set up Jamestown to be like England in North America. One question the paragraph can explain is:Who paid for Jamestown and what was the point? How did Jamestown fall apart and (literly) burn? So for more Jamestown facts read on!

England in North America

England wanted to be in the new world so they made a small town whiched they named Jamestown after King James the 3. Three ships were sent to the new world. (or North America)The ships names were The Susan Constant,Godspeed,and Discovery. If you added up all the colonists the total would be 104 colonists to the new world. After more then four months from leaving England they reached Chesapeake bay. (which is off of Virgina) Jamestown got off to a good start other than a surprise indian attak at the end of May. So if Jamestown was named after a king, the king must have been pretty popular.

Who Paid for Jamestown and What was the Point?

Have you ever thought "Who paid for Jamestown" and "Why was there even Jamestown?" This will help you find the answers! Well first I will answer "Who paid for Jamestown and sent supplies?" The answer to that is The Virgina Company of London. Which was made of a group of influental statesmen and gentry to. The reason why it was set up was everyone wanted to be rich. So Jamestown could find gold and silver. A second reason was to say they had the Chesapake bay region. They also wanted to find a passage to the "South Sea." The last reason they made Jamestown was to trade with Indians. Wow there were a lot of reasons they set up Jamestown!

Good bye Jamestown

Well is would say it all started when a bag of gunpowder exploded in John Smiths lap and continued going down hill from that point on. First when John Smith's accident happened he returned to England. Powhaten only really liked John Smith but pocahontas stopped him from sending Indians to attak. When powhaten died his brother Opechancanough became ruler and attaked Jamestown and killed around 350 settlers in 1622.two years later in 1624 The Virgina company of London collased and the Englash crown took controll of Jamestown. Jamestown came to abrupt halt in the mid 1670's. In 1676 the town burned to the ground during Bacon's Rebellion. People than left Jameston to decay. This was a very sad paragraph because Jamestown was a awesome place.


In concluesion Jamestown had a nice long history. People in England were excited to come to North America. The Virgina Company of Londan paid in hopes of becoming rich. Jamestown's final chapter was very sad. Jamestown history is very intersesting!


Abrupt: Very sudden

Bacon's Rebellion: A rovolt agaist Royal Governor William Berkeley.

Gentry: A rich or upper class gentleman.

King James 3: The king of England at the time.

Opechancanough: Powhaten's brother.


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