Plate Tectonics

Michelle.S 1/20/15 7period

1.What evidence did Alfred Wegner use to support his theory of continental drift?

Alfred Wegner notice that all the continents seemed to fit together in a puzzle.

2.Why do I think people didn't believe the continental drift theory when Wegner first explained it?

I think people didn't believe Wegner first explain it because hi did not have enough evidence to support his theory. Also because people didn't know at the time that continents move a little over time.

3.Who were the 2 scientist that brougth forth supporting evidence to Wegner's theory and what was their evidence?

4. What are the 3 types of plate boundaries?

  • Divergent boundaries is when two plates move away from each other
  • Convergent boundaries is when two plates come together
  • Transform boundaries is when two plates are sliding past each other

5.What types of movement can occur between plates and what features can form from this movement?

6.My example of a location on earth where each type of plate boundary is present

7.What do plate tectonics and ocean trenches have in common?

8.How old are rocks off the East Coast of North America in relation to the rocks rigth along the Mid-Atlantic ridge?

9.Why I think this is the case?

10.What is a convection current and how does it work?

11.What are the 7 major plate boundaries?

The 7 major plates are African, North American, South American, Eurasian, Australian, Antarctic, and Pacific.
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12.What are two bad events that can happen as a direct result of plate tectonics?

13.How did plate tectonics cause these events?

14 and 15.How do plate tectonics cause these good events