Is the Zombie Apocalypse Possible?

Join me, Shawn Perry as we discover the BIG question

What could cause the zombie apocalypse possible?

So the BIG question, is the zombie apocalypse possible?

Robert J. Smith says. Quite yes actually, research shows that in 2009 in Canada there was an outbreak of the "zombie" virus which was called nonmortuus contagio, AKA a zombie. They have rotting flesh, open wounds, discoloration of eyes, and bodily functions and organ failure.

Unlike AMC's The Walking Dead where if you get bit by a zombie you turn, but with this virus you can become a zombie simply by being touched by one.

Asap Science says, yes too. If a virus developed it would be like rabies where it can go through any entry to the body making it go to the brain and have the human not have any control over him/herself. The virus would most likely go through the nose and go through the olfactory nerve and then, go through the Ventromedial Hypothalamus, which controls the full, then leads to the Amygdala which controls the memory and emotion, finally going to the Frontal Cortex and which controls problem solving. The virus would make people super hungry, agressive, brain dead beings which doesn't remember friends or family, or can't control their actions for them to feed, which sounds like a zombie to me.

How could we prevent this from happening?

Believe it or not the government actually has a plan to prevent the zombie apocalypse from happening which is actually serious. CONOP 8888 is an unclassified document for a government plan for preventing the zombie apocalypse.The Pentagon has a series of phases to stop a zombie apocalypse from happening, they have 0-6 phases. First they shape, second the deter, third they seize initiative, fourth they dominate, fifth they stabilize, and sixth they restore civil authority.

The most frequently asked question

How is the zombie apocalypse possible?

Easy, all we simply need is a really bad virus that causes us to lose memory, makes us super hungry, agressive, brain dead beings, who can spread the virus out like wildfire.

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What types of zombies can there be?

Read above to see what kind there could be.