All About Robert Johnson

and his carreer by Makai Watson, and Rena Modi


Robert Johnson was influenced by many musicians in the south. such as Charlie Patton, Willie Brown, and Eddie House. They taught him a lot, but his dad taught him a lot of things such as the harmonica and some schooling. His older half brother taught him how to play guitar.

Early Life

Robert Johnson was born May 8th, 1911, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. His parents were poor crop sharers. He could not be educated well. Robert Johnsons stepfather did not like Roberts music. He worked on a field.

Time Period

Robert Johnson started playing guitar in the late 1920s. The time period for his music was 1936-1937. During the time he lived the Harlem Renaissance (where many African-Americans celebrated their culture and heritage through art), and the Great Migration (where many African-Americans moved from the South to the North), were taking place

His Music

Robert Johnson had many great hits in his fast life.

"Cross Road Blues" (1936)

"Come On In My Kitchen" (1936)

"Sweet Home Chicago" (1938)

His music genre is blues and he sang very passionately.