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Earthquakes PBL

In January of 2016 we did a project on our earthquakes unit by building a house made of popsicle sticks, clay, toothpicks, and more and was used to build Tony Stark his house in California. Our driving question that everyone had for there projects was "How can we, as structural engineers construct a 2 story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity"?
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Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

30 Hands Project

Recently we had completed a project called the 30 hands project. It was a project made up of pic collage slides with each slide about a different topic about the atmosphere. We than had to make a slide show on 30 hands by recording our voices and my video was about five minutes and thirteen seconds long.
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Invention convention

The invention that I and my partner have created is called the solar paneled fireplace. How it works is that since solar panels get energy from the sun it will use that energy to fire up a fireplace. The environmental problem that our invention solves is the problem of the extra greenhouse gases in the air and also stops the use of biomass fuels. How our invention works to stop this is first of solar panels are one of the most least harmful energy resources that we have and they do not create any greenhouse gases. Lastly since we make fire by solar energy biomass fuels are useless in making fire for our invention and less biomass fuels can mean less other greenhouse gases.
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