Abraham Lincoln

stop slavery

Birth and death information

Was born on February 12, 1809 and was assassinated on April 15, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. He was born in a long cabin with one door, and one window. He got shot in a movie theater and died 9 hours later after being in a coma.

Lincolns Education

He did not get much schooling only for about one year. He tough him self law and practiced it without an degree. He went to Illinois State Legislature in 1834.

he would read a lot especially when he was older.

Child Hood/ Family

Lincoln was little when he first moved, he had two siblings one had past away before they were old enough to do anything great in life like Lincoln. When Lincoln was 9 years old his mother had pasted away from milk poisoning. Lincoln was always reading and neighbors say he would wake miles just to get a book to read. Lincolns brothers wife encouraged Abraham to read a lot more then already was.

Contributes to Change

Lincoln had ended slavery with his thoughts of it be bad. Abraham wanted everyone to be treated the same and thought that we are all humans so we should be treated the same. He always fought for what he thought was right for the world, aseptically towards slavery.


Abraham accomplished a lot during the time he was president. He had help ended slavery and that is a very big thing in this world today. When he fought he would try with all he could to win the fight or war.

Interesting facts

When Abraham was a little boy he almost had died 2 times by drowning. Lincoln had never liked slavery from the being. He read whenever he could and would walk to get a good book. He was not every interactive with everyone.
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