Kaleo 2013

Gulf Shores, AL

Headed to Alabama!

As school winds down and finals week approaches I am slowly checking out of anything to do with school! I am so ready for summer to begin, and Kaleo 2013 is approaching quickly! In approximately 3 weeks I will be arriving at Gulf Shores, AL to embark on another amazing summer! As stated in my support letter, I will be returning to Kaleo as a D-group leader which is super exciting, but also comes with more responsibility! Although I am excited and a bit nervous as well, I see this opportunity as a great way to impact other girls' lives for Christ! I know how much Kaleo impacted my life last summer, and I feel so privileged to be able to return and help other girls grow in their walks with the Lord all summer! Can't wait for the summer to begin!!

Keep checking back for updates!

With Love,


Prayer Requests:

-Pray for safe travel down to Kaleo for all of us! There are approximately 180 people headed to Gulf Shores this summer!

-Pray that I would be laying my life down for the girls in my d-group. (John 15:13)

-Pray that the girls catch a vision for sharing the gospel and becoming a part of the great commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)

Kaleo 2013