Jack's Conference

By: Jack Gorden

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Things that were doing in school are...

Math: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing fractions.(tests on Wednesday!!!)

Writing: Summarizing pages into paragraphs.

ELA: Were doing a Discovery simulation, and so were putting ourselves in the Colonist's shoes.

Science: Cleaning up oil spills.

My favorite Fifth grade feild trip is...

The Plains Art Museum because the art is very colorful and extraordinary!

Things that are going well...

1. (Academic): Learning more than usual. Understanding more questions in math.

2. (Behavioral): Quiet, loves to read, Ignoring distractions.

Things I want to improve are...

1.(Academic): Writing, better sounding and understanding sentences.ELA, I want to get batter at grammar.

2.(Behavioral): Responding to questions more often.

One thing im going to accomplish this year before the year ends is...

Endurance, I will accomplish this by... being more active.

Thank you for coming!!!