Periodic Table Project: Halogens

By: Ethan, Armen, Ryley, and David

Halogen History

Fluorine: 1886, Henri Moissan, was discovered by the search of a chemical substance to attack glass, Paris France

Chlorine: Carl Wilhelm Scheele, 1774, Sheele thought is contained oxygen, Uppsala Sweden

Bromine:1826, Carl Löwig, Heidelberg, was produced by Carl Lowig

Iodine: Barnard Courtois, 1811, was extracting compounds from seaweed and added too much acid and a gas came out and condensed and was solid iodine.

Astatine: University of California, D.R. Corson, K.R. MacKenzie, and E. Segre, 1940

Halogens on the Periodic Table of Elements

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Halogens Basic Information

The halogens are a specific group of nonmetals with some distinctive properties and are nonmetals based on their general Physical and Chemical Properties. Halogens react with elements such as hydrogen. Hydrogen can combine with elements such as chlorine and bromine, and other elements in the halogen family to create compounds. Halogens can be found in lamps and this is the only use for Halogens.

Halogens are normally found in rocks and minerals in the crust of the

halogens exhibit highly variable physical properties. The Halogen family is located on Group 17 on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Valence Electrons

V E Fluorine: 7

V E Chlorine: 7

V E Bromine: 7

V E Iodine: 7

Environmental Concerns/Problems

Halogens rarely cause environmental problems and are mostly safe. However, a few of the Halogens can cause dangerous emissions. Fluorine forms compounds with other elements and is very reactive. When combined with glass, metals, and water, it will burn with a bright flame in a jet of fluorine gas. Chlorine is the most naturally-occurring halogen in the atmosphere and is mostly present as chloride. The gas chlorine has the potential to be very hazardous, but is very rare to be released outside factories. Once released, it kills plants and damages more. Bromine and Iodine pose no threat to the environment and are not significant to the danger of the environment.

Halogens Pictures