Kiera Donovan


People have been arguing on whether to be able to opt out of vaccinations or have to vaccinate your child. In the articles that I've read I believe that children should have to be vaccinated and can't opt out. Non vaccinated people put other non vaccinated people at risk, the public at risk, and infants are more vulnerable to catching diseases, vaccinations provides protection against diseases, protects children to young to get vaccinated not catch diseases, and helps prevent spreading the disease.

Opposing Side

Although vaccinations to some are important and should be required others have belief that vaccinating their child should be optional. People against having to vaccinate their child believe that since all children are different the vaccination will effect each of them differently and that it can't be predicted if their child will be alright. Another reason why they don't want to vaccinate is because they are worried what the vaccine might do to their child. Finally they don't want to vaccinate is because of religious reasons and beliefs.


Vaccinations is an argued topic whether you should get them or you can choose. People who believe in vaccinations believe that it helps with immunity against the disease and protects people from catching diseases. While people who want the option to choose to vaccinate fear what will happen to their child or have religious beliefs to follow. Both sides have reasons and both stand to their opinion.