Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

April 19, 2013

What is going on?

What we are learning this coming week...

Math: The focus this week will be measurement, specifically capacity and weight. Students will discuss the appropriate and inappropriate capacity tools. Students will select non-standard units of measurement such as beans or marbles to determine the weight/mass of an object. Daily students will be problem solving connected to everyday experiences, using logical reasoning to solve the problem.

Science: The unit focus in science will be objects in the night sky; such as the sun and moon. Students will observe the position and appearance at difference times. By doing so they can observe and record how the moon appears to change its shape during the month. They will also observe, describe and record how the sun changes positions in the sky as it rises each morning and sets each night.

Reading: This past week we learned of the district benchmark that was to be given this week. The plans we had scheduled were put on hold. Therefore, these plans will be carried over to this week. The big idea in reading will be main idea. Students will identify the main idea in text and distinguish it from the topic. Near the end of the week, students will be focusing on nonfiction text and a reader's response menu.

Thank you very much for all my Birthday celebrations. I appreciate the flowers and lunch! I received many lovely cards as well. I am really blessed. Thank you!

Thank you very much to Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Divino, and Mrs. Streu! They have offered to make our salt dough for next week! Thirteen years of doing this job. I always have one kid who eats the dough, after I tell them not to eat the salt dough. Will it be your kid? On the spot IQ test. Wink wink?

Have a good weekend!