Blue & Silver Newsletter

For the week of 11/27/17


Please send your child in with a set of headphones/earbuds to use during station rotations in each of our classes as we incorporate Istation and Imagine Math.


Introducing Imagine Math

Last week students took a placement test for Imagine Math (formerly Think Through Math).

Students may access Imagine Math from home by using the link on my "Math Links" page or using this link.

Clever log-in: the first 8 letters of their last name_student ID

The password is their date of birth YYYY/MM/DD

Imagine Math's adaptive content helps students focus where they need - filling in missing skills or pushing on to new skills.

Students should be actively paying attention while they are using the Imagine Math content not just passively clicking through the program. To assist with this, I will be assigning each student a Imagine Math journal to take notes as they learn and to provide them a space for solving problems.

Students will have an opportunity to access IM at school, but they may need to also access the program from home to meet our class goal of each student completing 2-3 lessons per week.

Important Dates

11/30 Picture Retakes

12/1 Green Apple Deposit Day

Our Learning Targets

Reading: We can identify and summarize the main idea and supporting details within expository texts.

Writing: We can write an expository piece. The piece should be organized with a topic sentence, supporting sentences with facts, details and explanations, and a concluding statement. We can revise and edit our writing.

Social Studies: We can identify and compare ways of life of American Indian groups in specific Texas Regions.

Math: We can determine if two given fractions are equivalent using a variety of methods. We can decompose a fraction in more than one way as a sum of fractions with the same denominator.

Science: We can predict how changes in the ecosystem affect the food web. We can explore how structures and functions enable organisms to survive in their environment.

Spelling List for the week

class, piece, common, river, surface, escaped, stripped, slammed, winning, snapping, bragging, handled, begged, dimmed, spinning

Bonus Words: benevolent, beneficial, bountiful, benign, bereaved

Second Step

Managing Strong Feelings

Staying in control of your emotions and actions helps you get along better with others and be successful at school.

Looking for Second Step Home Links?

Join our Class Dojo Class

Stay in the know about how your child is doing in our classes by joining our Class Dojo class. Your child brought home information last week about how to join our class. If you did not get it please let us know. We are learning as we go, so please be patient with us.
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