Colt 1911 Handgun

by. Caleb Joshua

The 1911 Handgun

The army wanted a auto loading handgun with similar ballistic capability to the colt .45 .

On a classic 1911, the trigger does one thing: release the hammer as a result, the trigger feel is the same for each and every shot and is generally light and easy to pull. On a handgun where the pressure required moving the trigger is usually more than the weight of the gun, an easy trigger helps the shooter keep the gun on-target as pressure

is applied.

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The original colt 1911 & Cimarron 1911

1911 has the correct historical markings for a pistol manufactured in that World War I era. The Cimarron pistols are available in three finishes: high-luster blued, parkerized, and nickel. The polished blue and nickel versions come with an additional WWI-style magazine with lanyard ring attached. The pistols have a lifetime warranty and are Colt parts compliant.

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At the bottom it shows a link showing how the 1911 works in animated form REALLY INTERESTING!

A Century of Change

When the Army first adopted this sidearm, it was a true sidearm. It was intended to be a backup if your main gun went down and you had to defend yourself at fairly close ranges. For that reason, the gun never had to be that accurate or tight, but it did have to run.