Say Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am

By Gabrielle Fussell

History and Relevance of "Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am"

"Yes sir, yes ma'am" has been around for a while and is considered respectful by most. It also seems to be something southern states strive to teach to their children. There is no official history of "yes sir, yes ma'am" but it caught on quickly because of its respectful and formal nature. However, today the saying is declining. It seems to many people that younger people are not being taught to say that, or they refuse to. There are people who still say it though.

Official and Unofficial Laws Regarding "Yes Sir, Yes Ma'am"

-In 2000 the state of Louisiana instated a law that required schoolchildren to address their teachers (etc.) with "yes sir, yes ma'am." Not much is known about the law but it was supposedly mentioned in a Louisiana newspaper.
-To say "yes sir, yes ma'am" may not be a choice to some people. Some children are taught to say it to anyone who is older, whether the person deserves respect or not.
-Say it all the time (or depending on how you feel, most of the time) to every person, no matter who they are.

Media Piece

An article pertaining to the proposed law.