The War Issue

By Tyler Gentry

A Brief Overview of the History of War

War. War is a global issue that causes entire empires to fall, even at the pinnacle of their existence. War can decide whether countries fall or rise, often increasing their status among countries. It is very common though for countries who win wars, to fall later on, because of the vast numbers of enemies they have made. That is my major question, “Which civilization prospers better, a belligerent one, or a placid one?”

The Problem in Ukraine

In Ukraine, war is about to break out. With Russia trying to piece back together the Soviet Union, they are trying to take control of Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula. Over 16,000 troops had been sent in to the Crimean Peninsula at the beginning of March. The Ukrainian people are very protective of their land and independence. Currently Russia is surrounding Ukraine and taking away some of its water and electricity, which come from Russia. Ukraine has exhibited restraint and not attacked any Russian forces.

Cool Facts

Putting A Stop to War: The United Nations

The United Nations is definitely making a difference in the world. They try their best to convince the world to make a unanimous agreement to stop the world from going to war. They were created after the second World War to keep the world from going into WWIII, sadly they have no power to force a country to agree. Their vote has to be agreed on by every country in the UN, so if a country wants to go to war, they probably won’t agree to issuing a peace treaty on their country. But needless to say they are still trying to stop conflicts that could cause human extinction.