3th ESO

What is it about?

A well known brand of deodorant wants to launch an advertising campaign sustainable with the environment. To do this, they launch Eco-design contest to change the packaging of its flagship product : Unisex deodorant.

Submit your project as soon as possible !

Competition rules

1. Think of the package:

a. What materials will it have?
What size and weight ?
What color will the packaging be ?
How will it be transport?

Put your eyes on ECO .

b. Is your packaging ...

... Do you have the lowest possible weight ?
... Do you promotes the rule of the 3 R 's: Reduce- reuse-recycle ?
... Do you minimize environmental impact?
... Is it made of recycled materials?

Bear in mind that your packaging must be attractive .

c. Draw a sketch of your design. You must draw it in perspective and freehand.

2. Think of the slogan for your advertising campaign .