From Milk to Ice Cream

By: Mays Al Sharqi

A Yummy Snack

This is a food kids love on hot days. They beg to get some. Can you guess what it is? Its... ICE CREAM! Have you ever wondered where it comes from? read to find out!

Where Does It Come From?

Ice cream comes from milk. Milk is a dairy product. every dairy product is from a cow. to milk the cows,farmers use milking machines. they put the milk into tanker trucks to ship it to the factory.

What is happening in the factory?

The milk is frozen,then it is mixed along with,the milk is heated to 106 degrees,and cooled to 39 degrees. Electric machines do most of the work.after that,they package it.Finally, they transport the frozen milk to refrdgerated trucks,or railroad cars. Next, they get the ice cream sent to stores.

what is The History of Ice Cream?

Some people say that Marco Polo got the recipe from china. If it is true, ice cream is more then 700 years old! ice cream sundaes were made one sunday morning. That is why its called an ice cream sundae!

At the end...

Every American eats 96 cones a year. Vanilla is the most common kind of ice cream in america. Ice cream can be fruity or nutty. It can be sweet or sour. There is many kinds of ice cream you can try!
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