Matthew Fetters

English 5th Hour

Hobbies and Activities

  • Animating
  • Working on tractors
  • Video games
  • Learning new languages


I have attended Buhler Grade School, Williams Magnet, Praire Hills Middle School, and Buhler High School. I plan to attend Full Sail in Orlando, Florida.

Full Sail| Orlando, Florida

I plan to attend Full Sail for Computer Animation which is one of the nineteen undergraduate programs. They offer three graduate programs.


My mother and father are divorced. My mother lives in Buhler and my father Lives in Topeka. I have six sisters and seven brothers, most of which are older. My sisters names are Patricia, Carmelita, Sara, Marti, Danielle, Ari. My brother names are Jose, Juan, Noel, Ryan, Dale, Michael, and Ryan. I have too many nieces and nephews to name.

Health Concerns

  • Athesma
  • Hypoglycemia