Kylee's File!!!!!!!!!

This is all about me!!!

About me

I have 2 sisters. I am the oldest out of my sisters. I am 10 and a half.I have one yorkie and her name is Bella she is 5 years old.Her favorite squeaky toy is a pink. My sisters are 7 and 3 and they are fun. I love my life!!!!!!!

Goals for school!!!

One of my goals for school is to get better at cursive. I would also like to do very well on my reports. Also, explaining my math problems more clearly. I would love for that to change this school year. So that when I get in to middle school I will be able to do all of my goals well.

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Omaha zoo!!!

The omaha zoo is fun and entertaining. I love the omaha zoo its a great zoo that you should go to.

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