Brooke Otto

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Maine is a state in the United States and is in the northeastern part of the country. It is right on the border of Canada. Maine is the largest state of the 6 New England states.

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Many travelers are quite pleased by the natural scenary. Maine is full of beautiful wildlife. Including, 17 million acres of forestry, 6,000 lakes and ponds, and 3,500 miles of coastline.

Author: Stephen King

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine on 1947 and is a widely known novelist. King specializes in horror novels. Some of his popular novels such as "Carrie", "Salem's Lot" , "Cujo", and many others have been turned into movies.


One of Stephen King's award winning story "The Shining" which was later turned into a movie that is now considered by many to be a horror classic. "The Shining" is about the Torrance family, Jack, Wendy, & their son Danny, that become the winter caretakers of a hotel in the middle of nowhere. There have been many deaths at the hotel including the previous caretaker who brutally killed his family and himself. Even after knowing this the family still take the offer of being the caretakers. The hotel slowly starts to drive Jack to insanity when he starts to see ghost of the past, while his son Danny appears to have a mysterious power,called "the shining", that allows him to see things from the past and future. Wendy and Danny notice that Jack has been more stressed and agressive and worry that Jack will repeat history and do what the previous caretaker did.


I think the tone of this piece was uneasy because they (Wendy and Danny) didn't know whether or not to trust Jack even though he was their father/husband. The Theme was even though you think you know someone, you can't fully trust them. You have to always just look out for yourself.