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Rainforest food web

The producers in this food web are banana trees, bamboo trees, and coconut trees. The trees all go to primary consumers. The banana tree goes to the macaws, the monkeys, the fruit bats, and the grasshoppers. The bamboo tree goes to the monkeys. And the coconut trees go to the grasshoppers, the fruit bats, and the monkeys. Then the grasshopper gets eaten by the frogs, the iguanas, and the vampire bats. Which are all secondary consumers. The fruit bats get eaten

How do humans affect the rainforests: positive and negative

Humans affect the rainforests in many different ways. Some positive and some negative. An example of positive things that we do with the rainforests are that we discover many medicines. Most of our medicines were first found in rainforests. But at a cost. And that's where our negative affect comes in. We destroy many trees in the forest which leaves animals homeless and searching for other homes. From there the food web crashes down.