The Aztects

by, Ben Cho

Most HUMAN sacrifices !!!!!

The Aztecs were very religious and wanted to please the gods that's why they made many many sacrifices, human sacrifices. They also called their leader Huey Tlantoani. The most important god to them were Huitzilopochtli. If you died in battle than they thought that you would go to high haven. The language that they spoke was Nahuatl. They bathed once a day and produced popcorn and chocolate! The kids were required to attend school by law. The only two ways to move up in social classes were priesthood and military. All the elder were very well respected. Some slaves could buy their own freedom. Some of their aqueducts are 2.5 miles long. Even back then they had a ball game named Ullamalitzli. The city was divided into 4 zones and 20 districts.

Ball Game

Our ball game is simple and easy all you have to do is to hit a ball into a hoop that is very high in the air. Did i tell you that you couldn't use your hands and feet! You have to use your hips!!!!