Grandpa's Winter

By- Brooke Veldman

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Decemeber- Average Temp.

1895-2013 trend is the blue + 1 ˚F/Decade

1895-200 trend is the grey Avg. 19.7 ˚F

The purple is the average temp.

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December- Precipitation

1895-2013 trend os the blue+0.01˚/decade

1895-2000 is the avg. .77˚ is grey.

The green is the avg. precipitation.


Precipitation- It rarely gets over 2 in.

It's mostly between 0 and 1.5 in.

temperature- It hasn't changed much. It stays close to 20˚


The statement that winter was colder in the past is an accurate statement because the graph shows that the average temp. in the past was like 15 and 20s and more it's more in the 20 and 30s. The precipitation has been more stable and it stayed higher and never really went down.