Antarctica Is Important

And Worth Protecting

Throughout my primary school years, people always asked me why is Antarctica is important and worth protecting. Well I can answer that, as well as other 6 questions.

Where is Antarctica located?

Antarctica is the most southern most continent. Antarctica is located at the bottom of the Earth. Antarctica is located at the southern hemisphere at the south pole.

How do we use Antarctica?

Antarctica is used for tourism, fishing, exploring, coal and for science

What Groups of People Visit Antarctica?

Tourists ,Workers and Scientists e.g. Geologist, Marine Biologist, Meteorologist, Glaciologist, Biologist, Ornithologist etc.

What Can We Find In Antarctica?

You can mostly find :

  • Different animals
  • Volcanoes both extinct and active
  • Ice
  • Environment
  • Mountains

What Are The Threats To The Environment Of Antarctica

Top 3 threats to the environment include:

  • Tourist ships. There could be oil spills and that damages the environment and the wildlife
  • Over fishing. Over fishing could destroy the food chain of the animals, making the chain unbalanced and may be causing extinction if they fish all most of the same species
  • Pollution. Polluting the environment and the wildlife of Antarctica.

How Have We Discovered Information About Antarctica?

Geologist blow up the rocks, meteorologist put big balloons up in the sky, ornithologist seek the sky for birds and marine biologist search the waters to seek for new species

The Most Important Question Is....

Why Is Antarctica Important?

  • Antarctica belongs to everyone
  • It is part of the world
  • Antarctica has some animal species that could be only found there