The Beautiful Side of Life the midst of quarantine ... Part IV

Cassi's Thought for the Day

Did you know we are in the middle of creating history? In the moments that we are thinking this quarantine is miserable, generations to come will want to know about our experiences during this time.

My grandma passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. She was the spunkiest, funniest, and one of the most treasured people in my life. One of the greatest things we found after her passing were her oodles and oodles of journals that she left. At the time she was writing them, I’m sure she was thinking that particular day wasn’t a big deal – but now her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are cherishing her every word and her every experience.

So whether this quarantine is lonely, tough, or an introvert’s dream come true … write about it! It can be novel-worthy or your simple day-to-day thoughts and feelings. This isn’t just for you – it’s for your children and your children’s children. Because they will want to hear about this point in history. And you are just the person to carry it out!

Be Encouraged!
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Day 15 of the Fitness Challenge ... are you still in this?!

Halfway There!

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A little nature from my side of the world. What a difference a few days makes (...and the sunny picture was actually taken several days before the snow picture ... gotta love MN springtime!)

Teens Spread Joy by Launching Hotline for Isolated Seniors:

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A friendly reminder from 1994

Hakuna matata - it means no worries for the rest of your days ...
Hakuna Matata | The Lion King 1994

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