Smoking Bans

by LAP

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Smoking Bans in the US - The Important Ones

1818 Lancaster, Pa - Smoking is banned on the streets of town, later that day the mayor became the first person to break the law

1975 Minnesota - Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act is enacted, Minnesota became the first state to ban smoking in most public places, restaurants were required to have smoke-free sections

1990 San Luis Obispo, Ca - the first city in the world to ban smoking in all indoor public places

2008 Springfield, Il - Illinois becomes smoke free

To Each State His Own

There are many different kinds of smoking bans that have been implemented by different states.

- Workplace ban

- Bar ban

- Restaurant ban

- Casino ban

- Combination/total ban

28 States - have bans in all public places (combination/total ban)

10 States - have no smoking bans,they set their own lax policies, then pass legislature preventing local governments from enacting their own smoking bans

6 States - Have smoking bans that omit adult-only establishments

6 States - have unique bans that only cover some places

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In 2014, Chicago became the first city in the US to legislate the use of E-cigarettes. They were declared to be equal to traditional cigarettes and therefore just as subject to anti-smoking laws.