By: Jenny Boren

Climate and Landforms

Kiribati has a tropical marine climate, and the temperatures are usually hot and mild. I doesn't get too hot because trade winds moderate the temperature. Kiribati is formed mostly of a lot of tiny islands, including Atolls, Maden Island, Line Islands, Phoenix Islands, Caroline Island, and Terania.

Animals and Plants

Natural Resources

Phosphate was found in Kiribati until 1979.


  • 1800s: European whalers, traders and slave merchants began visiting the island and causing social distress.
  • 1837: British settlers arrived on the islands .
  • 1943: WWII reached Kiribati

Kiribati became independent.

Thursday, July 12th 1979 at 10pm



  • Catholic- 52%
  • Protestant- 40%
  • Muslim- 8%

The Average Kiribati Native

  • Lives in Tangaru Chain
  • Speaks Gilbertese
  • Has a free education system from ages 6-15
  • Their social life revolves around the church
  • Popular recreational activities include martial arts, soccer, volleyball and canoe racing

Current Issues

  • Overpopulation
  • Not enough potable water
  • Soil born disease
  • Rising sea levels