sans's Bone Dry Museum

Exhibit on renaissance artists and their works

New exhibits at the sans Bone Dry Museum

The new exhibits in the museum are famous pictures like the mona lisa by da vinci and the sisteene chapel by micchalangello. Here are the descriptions for the artists and their most famous works.
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Michelangelo was a sculpter,painter,architect and poet of the renaissance time. His most well known creation is the Sistine chapel's paintings, which are available via a virtual 3d tour at the museum. He also created works such as the statue of david, statue of pieta.
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Sistine chapel

The sistine chapels paintings depict many memorable moments from the bible such as, the creation of adam, creation of the earth, noahs ark, the banishment from eden, creation of eve and the great flood.
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Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo was an inventor,artist,sculptor,scientist,mathematician,historian,engineer and musician. His most famous work is the Mona Lisa which is being displayed at our museum.

He is often considered a genius ahead of his time because of his ambition and ideas for inventions such as but not limited to a mechanical knight, a helicopter, a steam cannon,a tank and even a diving suit. Some of his amazing ideas inspired some present day inventions.

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Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is thought to be a painting of Lisa Gherardini. People tend to say the expression on her face is "enigmatic" and that has sparked an interest of the painting.