How To Use Excel

What is excel?

What is excel?

Excel is just a spreadsheet.

What is a column?

A column are the vertical cells in a spread sheet.

What is a row?

A row is the horizontal cells in a spreadsheet.



To get the sum of numbers in a spreadsheet you have to go the the functions and click the sum one and then highlight all the numbers you want added. Then it will automatically add them up for you.


You use the average function the same way as the sum. You have to click the average function and then you highlight what you want to find the average of. And it will automatically do the average for you.


The max function will find the biggest number of the area that you highlighted.


The min. function will find the smallest number that you have highlighted. You just go to functions and click where it says min. Then you highlight the area desired and the computer will automatically find the smallest number that you wanted

How to create a chart.

To create a chart you have to highlight all the information that you want in your chart. Then the chart will organize the information that you wanted and make it into a chart. You can change what kind of chart that you want and you can customize how you want your chart.

How to move a chart to a new sheet.

You have to click on the chart and then click the drop down arrow. There it will say a whole bunch of different things that you can do with the chart. You want to click move the separate sheet.

Changing the text color.

To change the text color you have to click the A with a line under. You click on that and choose the color that you want.

How to change it to money.

Instead of going through and each time adding a dollar sign. You can just highlight where you want the dollar sign to be and then you click the dollar sign.

How to merge cells.

To merge cells you want highlight the cells that you want merged then you click the merging thing. (in the picture) It has two cells and the arrows going to each other.