Children Soldiers

Young Children Lead to Children Soldiers

Domecratic Republic of Congo

Domecratic Republic of Congo has the largest rates of children soldiers out of all the word. DRC has a population of 75,507,308. DRC has the second most industrialized country in Africa after south Africa. Most African children soldiers are between the ages of 10 and 16. Female abductees were forced into marriage or sexual slavery and faced high levels of gender based violence. USAID helps boys and girls from being abducted, trackfficking and sexual violence. The program provides psychosocial counseling, family tracing, mediation, health assistance, education, skills training, social activities and economies assistance.


Child Soldiers

There are 7000 child soldiers in Congo. Over 5 million people have been killed. Some reasons why child are kidnapped is because children are relatively easy to abduct, they are seen as more loyal, children require less food and less payment, and children soldiers can present a moral dilemma to enemies. An estimated 300,00 boys and girls are currently trained for combat or used as porters, spines or sex slaves. IRC provides protection, health care and critical emotional support.


Children are abducted to go into a army force or gangs. Children are more loyal the older man or women. 200,00 to 300,00 soldiers from both rebel groups and government force in armed conflicts. Mai Mai are known to kidnap their children soldiers. Mozambique has a population of 23, 929,708. Children were perfect weapon, easily manipulated, intensely loyal, fearless and endless supply. Female were only 15 percent of all demobilized combatant. Almost 28 percent soldiers were 16-17 years old. International Rescue Committee provides protection, health care, and critical emotional support. An estimated 300,00 boys and girls are currently trained for combat or used are porters, spines or sex slaves.
Child soldiers fighting in the DRC
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