Once you join you do not want to leave utopia


The benefits of my country are gaining an incredible amount of wealth and if your business seem to fall apart we got your back to keep or country successful.In my country everybody lives in luxurious homes with everyone is living wealthy with the best health ,auto ,etc.We enforce some strict laws but it is only to maintain the highest country of wealth.


No one is left behind ,every one is successful ,everyone is wealthy ,me have the biggest sales and production ,we have a certain amount of things you can buy in stores .we have the most successful businesses , we are the highest developed country all over the world.There is a little fee of $150 dollars to get into the country but those that have already paid the first fee pay $75.One of our biggest enforcement is no drugs ,cigggars .


Everyone thinks my country is a place for rich people getting better money but this is about everyone getting a better opportunities ,to get the homeless off the streets for everyone to have a place for chances.With the help of the people that are unemployed that helps us make more products .


My mixed economy is to help the country ,the people ,the production ,poor , to gain wealth ,to live better so this is a better way of living so come to our country that you wont want to leave because.Once you join you dont want to leave utopia.We are here to help ,as soon as you come you are in safe hands were we cover all accidents and health.
Modern Mixed Use Residence with Series of Terraces